Niroga Ayurvedha Resort, situated in close proximity to the resort town of Balapitiya is only 45 minutes away on the southern expressway from Colombo and is a Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority approved Ayurveda & Holistic Healing Resort hotel. Set in the Western shores of the lager Mahala duwe islet of Madhuganga Lake, a RAMSAR declared world heritage virgin wetland is an appealing property for the weary tourist looking for rest and rejuvenation in the form of authentic native ayurveda treatment. The species to look out for are Purple-faced leaf monkey, Estuarine Crocodile, Flapshell Turtle, and the Indian python who find shelter in the protected environs of Maduganga.

This charming River retreat is set facing due west offering the best views across the tranquil waters of the Maduganga Lake, a coastal wetland eco-system with a very high bio-diversity where constant the sound of water, the sharp cries of the Eagles, are music to one’s tired eyes & ears, making it an ultimate location for Yoga / meditation & holistic healing. Whether you are looking for a lake retreat to undergo Ayurveda therapy, Yoga & meditation or to simply relax, or on a boat exploring the historical temples, mangrove caves, island hopping or angling for the local delicacies of the lake, just idle and read a book on your private veranda enjoying the views of lazy paddling of outrigger canoes, the myriad of birds from cormorants, pelicans, sea eagles, Brahmin kites fishing, while the sun sinks over the distant tree line bringing dusk, this is the best place to do it.






 Madu River

RAMSAR virgin wetland, history & culture, the spicy breeze of cinnamon, Tranquil River retreat for a great Vacation. Read More..


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